Covenant Capital Group Supports Habitat for Humanity: 2018 Build Update


Covenant Capital Group is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity in the Greater Nashville Area. This year, Covenant was honored to co-sponsor the future home of Shawnta Shields and her family.

Shields has worked for the Tennessee Department of Labor since 2012 and has held various part-time jobs in order to support her three children. Thanks to the Habitat program, she will be the first person in her family to own her own home. She feels homeownership will give her family more stability and allow her to be an even better role model for her children.

Covenant’s partners put significant work in advancing her brand-new home this past week.

This past Sunday the 16th of September, Shield’s home was nearly finished by a group of 25 volunteers, busy fluffing dry wall, putting up the siding and finishing up the interior of the house. During the week, professionals set up the wiring and plumbing as well as the flooring and carpeting, saving the weekends for volunteers to wrap up finishing touches.

Much of this work, according to Alan Mazor, Urban Housing Solutions General Counsel, who has assisted in this build and completed more than twenty other houses, is incredibly labor intensive and physically demanding. The volunteer work is divided into eight working days, the Saturdays and Sundays of four consecutive weeks. No more and no less than 25 volunteers are able to come in starting the second week of the build after the walls and framing of the house have been installed by professionals. According to Allen, volunteers are crucial to these unity builds.

“The volunteers do hard work that doesn’t necessarily require expertise that you need for house construction, but it is imperative to completion,” said Mazor.

First time Habitat volunteers arrived at the site this past Sunday at 6:45 a.m. before they began work, with Shields right beside them. A special part of Habitat is that throughout the process, the future owner of the home is working inside with the team. It makes the work very personal and makes the work real, lasting and impactful.

Covenant has participated in Habitat for Humanity since Spring of 2016 and looks forward to another build in 2019. To volunteer for a unity build visit

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