In Recognition of Earth Day, Covenant Capital Group Announces New Water Consumption Savings


Real estate investment management firm is guided by robust ESG policy and invests heavily in updating and renovating environmental efficiencies within the apartment communities it acquires

Nashville, TENN. (April 23rd, 2018) – Covenant Capital Group, LLC, a Nashville-based real estate investment manager that excels at revitalizing and extending the life span of strategically important apartment communities in high-growth southeastern and mid-Atlantic markets, celebrates Earth Day by outlining new water savings figures throughout its communities driven by its extensive Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance (ESG) policy.

On average, across all of Covenant Capital Group’s properties, its water savings have reached approximately 15%, which equates to over 30 million gallons of water saved, per year.

“Vast improvements in the environmental efficiencies and sustainability of our properties is a priority for Covenant Capital Group,” said Govan D. White, managing partner and co-founder of Covenant Capital Group.  “We want our properties to have a positive environmental and societal impact on residents and the surrounding community. We believe our new heights in water savings highlight our dedication to these efforts, and we look forward to continuing to pioneer initiatives that deliver sustainable results.”

Covenant acquires and renovates apartment communities that were often built between 1970 and 1990.  In many cases these properties have had few improvements since original construction and are thus very inefficient.  The firm has fine-tuned processes and developed strategic steps that very effectively address the following at the properties it purchases:

  • Water consumption – Achieving water use reduction through installation of low flow systems.
  • Energy consumption – Energy reduction through updated appliances, windows and systems.
  • Waste disposal – Installation of longer lasting products, disposing of old materials.
  • Reduced commute times – Sustainment of locations important to transit.

These steps help Covenant revitalize properties into premier, institutional quality assets. Through its process, it sustains valuable housing inventory in high-growth areas to positively impact communities.

For more information on Covenant Capital Group’s social programs, please visit:

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